How To Unclog A Sink

No more call the plumber to help you unclog the pipe. To unclog the drain with this homemade method, you will need half a cup of vinegar and half a box of baking soda. Pour the two ingredients at the same time through the drain of the sink and quickly place the cap. Wait 30 minutes, unleash it and pour boiling water.

If this trick does not work, you can always test with a plunger or unscrew the pipe from under the sink (having previously closed the water tap) to look for the jam.

How To Fix A Plug

Although for most electrical repairs you should call a specialist, changing or setting an outlet is quite simple. First of all, it is essential that you disconnect the electricity of the whole house to avoid scares. Then remove the front of the plug with a screwdriver and disconnect the two wires that are attached to the screws on the back of the cap. Finally, you have to put them in the new outlet.

In most cases where the plug does not work, it is because one of the cables is disconnected. To fix it you will only have to put it back in place with a screwdriver. If the problem is that the cable is in poor condition, you can cut that part and splice it back to the plug.

How To Cover The Holes In The Wall

Much of the holes in the walls are related to the use of screws or nails. To eliminate them, you should make a little putty in the DIY stores and apply it to the desired place on the wall (having cleaned it before), pressing it and smoothing it well with a spatula. Once dry, sand the surface with beautiful grain paper and apply a little paint.

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