Five Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

With daily use and the passage of time, it is normal that some parts of the house begin to have damage. Although experts must do many of these repairs, there are specific arrangements that you can make yourself and save yourself some money. These are only some of them.

How To Fix A Dripping Faucet

Before starting to fix a leaky faucet, turn off the water tap to avoid any leakage. Then open it so that all the water left in the pipeline comes out. Once this is done, start to disassemble it looking for the screw of the tap and removing it all together, pending not to lose any of the pieces that are under the screw. When you have all the parts out, make sure that all the screws and other elements are tight. In the case of single-lever taps (typical of kitchens), the lower clamping screws tend to loosen with the uses, causing the dreaded drip.

Look at the bottom of the tap to make sure that no part is broken and check the condition of the rubber, which usually deteriorates over time. If it is a broken part, replace it with the necessary spare with a small wrench.

Sometimes the pieces of the dripping tap may be dirty by the minerals that accumulate over the years. To clean them, leave them for a few hours in a chlorine solution.

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